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Morrisons Supermarket


Isle of Wight

Project description:

CoreFix undertook the diamond drilling of concrete for the extension of the main building at Morrisons, with heavily reinforced cages posing a major obstacle for the team.


The skilled engineers and workers employed their expertise to overcome this challenge and execute the drilling with precision and accuracy. Despite the hurdles, the project was executed with efficiency, and all the work was carried out on a tight timescale to ensure the timely progress of the installation process.

The engineering team put in the effort to ensure that the project was executed as per the initial quotation, keeping all costs within the budget. The entire process was carefully planned and executed with utmost attention to detail, ensuring that the end result was a flawless execution that met all the requirements set out at the beginning of the project.


* Diamond drilling of concrete to prepare for an extension to the building
* Issues, heavily reinforced cage 
* All work carried out on a tight timescale to allow the team to progress with their installation.
* Works completed as per quotation

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